About F2F

Sussex County Women’s Forum (SCWF) is a 501C (3) non-profit organization dedicated to assisting women and their families. The SCWF strives to provide early detection services, support and resources to the women of Sussex and surrounding counties. The organization is composed of women helping other women on a one-to-one basis to offer guidance and companionship on the journey of healing.

“As a Sussex County resident for seven years, I have found myself surrounded by women with breast cancer. I’ve stood by and watched the toll it takes on family and friends. This has made me seriously question how best I could help.”

“It’s is my hope that the SCWF will continue to grow into an organization capable of assisting all women of Sussex County and surrounding communities whose lives are impacted by a cancer diagnosis.”

–Mare Galeos, Director and Founder of SCWF

Our Goals

  • To provide Digital Mammography and Breast Ultrasounds services for all women of Sussex and surrounding counties.
  • To provide a resource center for ancillary services
  • To provide breast and ovarian cancer groups.
  • To provide support for family and friends.
  • To continue fundraising efforts to expand our mission.