Virtual Summer Solstice 5 Mile and 5K Runs

A recent email advised that “Kittatinny Valley State Park andall its properties will not be issuing any Special Use Permits for the foreseeable future.”

As it stands right now, our Summer Solstice will be virtual. Run your 5 Mile or 5K on your own course, at your own time, any time between June 14 and 22, 2024. Register online and set up your account at to enter your personal results.


$30.00 per person

Run Dates and Submitting Results

Run any time between June 14 and 22, 2024.

On Friday, June 21

From Mare Galeos, founder of SCWF:

I will be on site on the actual Solstice date and time. (Friday, June 21, 2024 5:00pm)
I will have Finisher Medals.
I will be at Sheridan’s post race with the first round of PBR for all my runners who can join me.
I will have mini awards for the top 5 m/f finishers. There will be no age group medals.